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Certificate of Advanced Study in Firearm and Tool Mark Examination

Keybenefits of our program:

  • Optimal training opportunities and direct interaction with practitioners in the field
  • World class scientific facilities at the heart of a national Research University
  • Unique internships and research projects available to our students

Career Paths:

  • Obtaining the certificate can enhance one's hiring chances and effectiveness as a firearms examiner.

Program Requirements

Students interested in pursuing careers in firearm and toolmark examination can give themselves a jump start with this certificate program. Two courses in firearms and impression evidence give students hands-on practical knowledge, experience in the relevant methods of analysis, a course in quality assurance and ethics, and instructs them in the standards of this forensic profession. One elective course allows students to tailor the certificate to best match their particular interests.

I. GATEWAY COURSES - 9 Credits Required

  • FSC 633 Quality Assurance & Ethics (3)
  • FSC 661 Firearms & Impression Evidence I (3)
  • FSC 671 Firearms & Impression Evidence II (3)

II. Electives - 9 Credits Required

  • FSC 640 Light Microscopy (3)
  • FSC 640 Special Topics in Forensic Science (approved topics only*) (3)
  • FSC 655 Latent Prints (3)
  • FSC 667 Forensic Photography (3)
  • FSC 690 Independent Study or Internship in Forensic Science (1 - 6)

*Relevant workshops will be run under FSC 640 and these will be identified as appropriate for use as electives in this program.

Total Credits for Certificate - 12 (limit of 3 transfer credits)